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About Sonko Rescue Team

Sonko Rescue Team is a registered charitable organization that has been making strides in the city of Nairobi. Registered as an NGO on May 5, 2017, Sonko Rescue Team has already made headlines for its efforts toward making Nairobi one the cleanest cities in the continent. Already, the organization has scooped the award of the best performing NGO for its commitment to responding to a humanitarian need in Nairobi. The award was presented by Mr. Fazul Mohammed, the Chief executive of NGO Coordination Board.

Sonko Rescue Team was launched by Senator Mike Sonko in January 2015. The team offers services to Nairobi residents, and they include ambulance, water, wedding transport, emergency response, and hearse. The team has also provided free medical services to the people that need it.

Outlining some of the organization’s success when receiving the award, Sonko said they had ferried up to 18 bodies upcountry. The ambulances have also taken others to the hospital. Other services such as garbage collection, sinking borehole, and water supply also form part of the Team’s successes. The team also acquired a pothole patching machine.

On February during the doctors’ strike, Sonko Rescue Team was offering free medical camps. Some of the services provided include free laboratory tests, pharmacy services, and ultrasound scans. Other services that team based at Nyayo National Stadium include HIV counseling and testing, prostate cancer screening, free eyeglasses and NHIF registration. The team was also offering free medical and general treatment to all the people that need it. Within just a few days, the team had served more than 2000 individuals. This was as the doctors negotiated with the government to go back to work.

It has not always been smooth riding for the organization. Essentially, the team has been subject to crackdowns by the Nairobi County Government. In September 2015, Sonko briefly disbanded the group in a bid to offer his support to Governor Evans Kidero to improve the lives of Nairobi residents. This was during his father, Gideon Kivanguli’s burial. Speaking to mourners, Sonko had said that his father had arranged a meeting between him and Kidero in a bid to reconcile them. Regardless, Sonko Rescue Team was revived to continue offering services to the city dwellers.


Sonko Rescue Team has a fleet of vehicles that include a Hammer, Mercedes Benz S Class, Limousine and Land Cruiser.

With the election of Mike Sonko as the governor of Nairobi, the role of the organization has grown. The team has spearheaded a clean-up exercise with the goal of making the city one of the cleanest. In operation dubbed Ng’arisha Jiji, the newly elected Governor Sonko gave his commitment to cleaning the city.

He gave out ten wheelbarrows, 20 waste bins, ten shovels, ten Wellington boots and ten rakes. Sonko also called on the people to desist from dumping waste all over and to clear and clean gutters on a regular basis.

Sonko Rescue Team promises to play a significant role in making Nairobi reclaim its lost glory with the election of its founder, Mike Sonko. Kenyans already have high expectations given the energy and commitment that the team has shown in its efforts.