Governor Mike Sonko Uncovered 7 Million Of Unbanked Cash In the County offices

Governor Mike Sonko Uncovered 7 Million Of Unbanked Cash In the County offices

Sonko Finds a Secret Stash in County Offices

In the latest twist of events, the new Nairobi County boss led an operation that uncovered up to seven million of unbanked cash in the county offices. According to the governor, the money was lying around with the clerks and bank is just a few meters from City Hall. “It is completely unacceptable!” retorted the new county boss. All the cheques collected had, however, been banked. This is quite strange since cheques are safer than liquid cash. They were banked leaving the cash lying around.

According to Sonko, they received a tip off from an employee and decided to move in. Seven million is yesterday’s collection and supposedly was lying around overnight. By 11 AM the following day, the cash was still around, and Sonko implies that it was meant to line the pockets of cartels. “Under my watch, City Hall will cease from being anyone’s cash cow…”

Sonko has promised to streamline revenue collection and management as a result of the find. Utilizing the Public Finance Management Act, the governor on his Facebook page pledged to guarantee timely and efficient delivery of services to residents. He has also asked the cash office to install CCTV which will be monitored by his office, NSIS, and CID.


The governor has been demonstrating commitment towards making lives better for the people of Nairobi since the national election. He has been working overtime to ensure that Nairobi retains its lost glory. To that effect, he has employed his own organization, Sonko Rescue Team to clean up the streets of Nairobi. So far, the results have been incredible. However, the rot that is City Hall proves to be his biggest challenge.


During his inauguration, the new governor promised to end corruption, protect small entrepreneurs and get rid of the garbage menace. Sonko also pledged to institute an elaborate plan to clean the mess the previous administration left behind. He will ensure that every Nairobi resident gets value for their money. After all, the money to run County government comes from them.


In recent times, Sonko has promised to rid City Hall of cartels that have swarmed around it. Replying to former CJ’s comment that clean water tanks had a habit of reappearing in places experiencing water shortages, Sonko said that his efforts against the cartels had kicked off. He promised that Nairobi would never be the same again.

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