What Governor Mike Sonko Will Do In His 100 Days In Office

What Governor Mike Sonko Will Do In His 100 Days In Office

What Mike Sonko will do in his 100 days in Office


During the campaign period, the governor-elect Mike Sonko had launched his manifesto highlighting priority areas in his first 100 days. There are seven focus areas in his manifesto, and they include education, housing and settlement, environment, jobs and social inclusion and traffic management and transport. His primary intention was to make sure that it resonates with the ordinary mwananchi.


One issue that stands out in the manifesto to the glee of business owners, motorists, and landlords is the promise to reduce license fees, parking fees and land rates. Motorists will only pay Ksh.150, and the governor will review the contracts signed by the outgoing administration. Sonko will cancel those found to be illegal.


In order to tackle the traffic menace, Sonko promised to institute a traffic control command center. He will also offer incentives to those interested in investing in high capacity buses. The former senator also pledged to make the roads favorable for users. In his first 100 days, he promised to add road signage, implement the decongestion plan and institute bicycle lanes.


His manifesto also included plans to provide tax exemption to small business owners such as salon owners, and vegetable vendors, among others. Sonko noted that the previous administration had raised taxes by 100% and wants to reverse this. His goal is to ensure that the poor are exempted to ensure equal development in the city.


Sonko recognizes the important role that the ordinary mwananchi plays in electing leaders. To that effect, he has plans to make the life of hawkers easy within the first 100 days in office. Sonko will repossess any land grabbed and which was meant for the hawker’s market. He will then find investors to establish modern markets for the benefits of hawkers. The governor will also retrain the council askaris in a bid to end the harassment of small business owners.


On the issue of matatus, Sonko plans to design new routes ensuring they do not enter the CBD. The intention according to Sonko is to come up with a new way to ensure a free flow of traffic. Some of his opponents had pointed out that the hawker will have a field day in the city center and other business hubs such as Eastleigh. However, Sonko was quick to refute this.


There is a proposal in place designed to address the existing issue between the hawkers and shop owners. According to the governor-elect during his manifesto launch, a model similar to that of Thailand or Bangkok model where particular streets are closed, and the hawkers sell their wares. However, they will only be allowed at specific times such as 6 PM to midnight. They will also be allowed to these streets on weekends.


Furthermore, Sonko contends that his administration is going to drill boreholes in every estate to make sure that they have adequate water. The governor will also embark on an ambitious slum upgrading plan. He will oversee the construction of low-cost housing to address the challenge effectively.