How Sonko Rescue Team Is Draining The Swamps And Garbages In Nairobi County

How Sonko Rescue Team Is Draining The Swamps And Garbages In Nairobi County

Sonko Rescue Team and what they are up to in Nairobi

The newly elect Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko has kicked off his term in style and intent. Sonko has started a cleanup exercise in a bid to make Nairobi one of the cleanest in the continent. So far, the governor through his NGO, Sonko Rescue Team has already shown that he is walking the talk.

The governor has already become an internet sensation. Comments on his Facebook page have shown that the people are already happy with what they see. They only hope that he continues with the laudable exercise until every street and every corner is as clean as it has ever been. The governor has shared updates deploying trucks and hundreds of youth drawn from Sonko Rescue Team to various parts of the city.

Groups of youth have been spotted clearing up mountains of garbage. There has been a lot of shoveling and raking as the youths move from one place to the other. Some have been scrapping off posters from the wall of buildings and fences. It seems as if they are living no stone unturned. So far, the Rescue Team has already cleaned up some parts Ngara, City Primary, and Wakulima Market. Considering that it is just a few days since his election, these exercises are nothing but commendable.


This exercise has elicited a significant amount of reaction from social media. Some are nothing but impressed while others have called into question the manner in which the whole exercise is handled.

Recently, Sonko has had to refute claims what he is doing is just a PR exercise. Others have commented that the hardest part is maintaining cleanliness. Cleaning is the easiest. There is more that needs to be done; bylaws to be passed and efficient administration that needs to be installed. There is also the issue of hawkers and matatus in the CBD. What can be said for now is that Sonko has his hands full as governor of the capital.

The incoming administration has inherited a county that already needs considerable resources in terms of effort, commitment and of course, funds. It cannot, however, be said that the governor has big shoes to fill. He may have brought bigger shoes and has shown that through his first actions as governor. He has already met with Nairobi Water employees to reassure them, and justice seems to be around the corner for them. In his recent visit to Kigali together with the president, Sonko was impressed with its cleanliness and has since made several references to it. May be Sonko has found inspiration in Kigali, and that cannot be a bad thing.

If his latest actions are to go by, then Nairobi seems to be finally in good hands. However, there is the issue of Sonko Rescue Team. Will they eventually become County employees? If they do, what will become of the council employees? The big question is how this NGO will fit into the current set up. For now, let’s enjoy the ride and applaud the governor and his team for what he is doing.