What You May Have Missed From Mike Sonko Inauguration Ceremony

What You May Have Missed From Mike Sonko Inauguration Ceremony

What was Good with the Mike Sonko Inauguration

Nairobi residents were in anticipatory mood as they waited for the inauguration of the Nairobi governor-elect Mike Sonko. They overwhelmingly elected him during the just concluded general election. Therefore, it was justified for them to have high expectations of the inauguration event.


The city has been characterized by inefficiency in service delivery. Council askaris have been in running battles with the hawkers and the issue of parking inside the CBD has been a thorn in the flesh. Therefore, different stakeholders were keeping tabs on the inauguration service.

Mike Sonko inauguration


There were several highlights from the inauguration service. Among them is the attendance of the president Uhuru Kenyatta. It would be expected for the president to attend the swearing in of the governor of Nairobi. After all, it is the capital city of Kenya. For some, his attendance indicated the importance of Sonko’s election. Nairobi is a strategic city, and many hopes are riding on what Sonko will do. However, the attendance of the president was by itself necessary.


Reading from the script is uncharacteristic of Sonko. The flamboyant governor is known for speaking his mind. He has never held back, and that may be one of the qualities that have endeared him to the public. However, to the surprise for the city residents, Sonko was able to demonstrate that he could communicate to all levels of the society.


Admittedly, it was expected that Sonko would up his game and embrace a new persona fitting with his new stature. Surprisingly, the governor came out as authentic in his speech. The governor was able to speak to the hearts of everyone, especially the majority that took him to City Hall. It is no secret that Sonko rode on the votes of the youth and the common mwananchi to clinch the governorship. Sonko knows that he has always appealed to these demographics and has always played his cards well. Therefore, his speech was articulate, genuine and clear.

Sonko has always achieved declamatory speech when using the language of the streets. To the surprise of many, he was able to achieve the same level with the queen’s language.

His grand entry with a breakdance move that excited the audience raised the expectations of the listeners. Regardless, the move was quite hilarious provided that it was in the presence of Uhuru. It seems that Sonko and his deputy, Polycarp Igathe have made it a norm to pulling off such moves at public functions. Nevertheless, the breakdance move left guests and viewers in raptures providing the comic relief necessary for such an event.

Sonko’s speech, hit at the heart of the matter. His promise to clean up the city and to enhance his partnership with the national government was excellent. In actual sense, he tackled everything that was expected of him. His goal of restoring Nairobi’s glory and improving security and other amenities is what everybody expected to hear. The only thing that remains now is to work. Sonko may be the governor that Nairobi needs.