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Sonko Rescue Team Services

Sonko Rescue Team is an organization allied to the recently elected Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. It is a registered NGO and has already scooped an award as the best performing in the country. The team was launched in January 2015 by Mike Sonko and started with the employment of 150 youths from Kabarage Village, Kangemi. Sonko Rescue Team primarily operates in Nairobi County. The organization was certified within this year.

Some of the major services the organization offers include wedding transport, water, ambulance, emergency response, and hearse. Other services that the organization has provided include medical services. In recent times, the team has stepped up efforts to make the city one of the cleanest in the country.

Wedding Transport

Wedding transportation was among the first services that Sonko Rescue Team started in an effort to serve the community. The goal of the initiative was to help young people that wish to wed but are limited by their financial capability and are unable to foot their expenses.

The organization has a fleet of limousines and classy vehicles that those tying the knot make use of. The vehicles include three H2 Hummers, wedding limousines, gold Toyota Land Cruiser, and gold plated Mercedes Benz. All these vehicles are available to the newly wed.

Water Services

The NGO has five big water tankers that provide water to the Nairobi residents that need it. Each tanker can hold a capacity of 5000 liters at a time meaning that they can ferry water to numerous households.

It also has two borehole drilling machine that to provide access to water for residents having water shortages. Sonko Rescue Team determines where there is water shortage and recommends.  The organization does not charge any fee for the water services.

Ambulance Emergency response and hearse

The NGO offers free ambulance service to take the critically ill to the hospital. Emergency response and fire services are others that the organization deals in to help individuals that need them. The team also provides rescue services to those that need it.

Some people are unable to transport the bodies of dead relatives upcountry. Sonko Rescue Team offers a helping hand by providing a hearse for this purpose free of charge. In some of the cases, the normal emergency services are not available. If the services are not offered in time, then people would die. The NGO steps right in to save the situation.

Medical services

Sonko Rescue Team has played a critical role in offering medical services, especially during the doctor’s strikes. Some of the services offered include a pharmacy, free laboratory, and ultrasound. The team also offered free prostate cancer screening and HIV Counseling and testing. Sometimes, the organization provides general and medical treatment.

Clean up services

Recently, Sonko Rescue Team has been on the fore front in cleaning the streets of Nairobi. So far, the organization has collected garbage, supplied garbage cans, gumboots, wheelbarrows, and rakes. This has been in an effort to make the cleaning up exercise easy to undertake.